About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn who we are and our role in your life.

Your Needs

We know your needs. Your health is our priority and hence we bring you the best in quality while you do not compromise with taste. Bringing you the best of the best in order to keep your daily life enriched with nutrition and to put that smile on your face when you got No-Restriction and can enjoy your tasty Village Rice just like that.

Our Deeds

Say No to Supplements from now.
More Protein - More Fibre
But Less Calories.
Yes you read it right !! Lesser calories yet fulfilling all your nutritional needs.
No more worries - Just enjoy your everyday meal with our specially made Village Rice just for you.

Benefits of Village rice

In modern scientific development, new white rice innovated with high soluble fibre high resistant starch and high plant protein of 16% to prevent/ manage the NCDs ( non communicable diseases) like diabetics, obesity, constipation and Colon cancer. This was recently tested in Singapore testing laboratory and was certified as Low Glycaemic Index rice. This is suitable for all ages – From six months baby to 100 years old human.

Facts and Differences from other Rice

Health Benefits